Three reasons why everyone should take up gardening

As the summer winds down, we are reflecting on all the months spent outdoors and how we might continue to enjoy Mother Nature all year long. If you are considering taking up a new hobby that incorporates getting out in the fresh air and developing incredible skills, with beautiful results, then gardening could be the perfect choice for you. Here, we explore three wonderful reasons why everyone should take up gardening – whether you have a small yard or a sprawling outdoor space.

1. An easy form of exercise

Not everyone is able to hit the gym or head out running – whether due to physical reasons, financial or time limitations, it can be challenging to fit exercise into your everyday life. We lead increasingly sedentary lifestyles and unless your work takes you outside, you may not get to experience sunlight and clean, unfiltered air as often as you would like. Gardening not only gets you outside and away from the many screens in your life, but it also provides a steady and manageable form of exercise that you can match to your ability level. 

You may break a sweat while mowing the lawn or digging to plant new flowers, but even if you are only pruning your existing greenery, you are in constant motion. You will also improve the flexibility of your hands as you work, which can be especially beneficial in later life.

2. Flexible based on ability level and area

You don’t need to have a rolling landscape outside to enjoy gardening, it is an affordable and accessible activity to everyone. Even if you live in an apartment, you can seek out community gardening projects that can help you to contribute to the natural beauty of your area, or even just grow herbs and flowers in a window box. If you do happen to have a larger outside space, you can adapt it to suit your comfort level – not everyone wants a garden full of exotic plants. You can grow tomatoes, courgettes, or a few simple, hardy plants that require minimal maintenance while still encouraging outside time.

3. Improving mental wellbeing

Perhaps the most important benefit of gardening is that it can improve your mental wellbeing and mood. Being outside in green spaces has been proven in some studies to reduce depression and anxiety, allowing you to access a calm and meditative state as you work. In combination with the physical exercise that gardening provides, you may be able to improve your overall health and feel better in your body and mind. Of course, you will also gain a huge amount of pleasure and satisfaction from learning how to cultivate your garden, which can increase your confidence and happiness.
These are just a few of the great reasons to begin learning more about gardening and making it a regular part of your week. No matter how small you start, the benefits and pleasures of gardening can be amazing and unexpected – physically and psychologically. How will you begin your gardening adventure?

Guest Writer – Claire Ross