Get Your Autumn Coloured Garden

Wondering how to get some autumnal colours in your garden this year then we’ve got the perfect guide!

Autumn can be a wonderful time of year to spend in the garden, with the leaves of deciduous trees beginning to change colour and gradually start to drop, the dark nights and crisp mornings. Autumn is also the time for fruit and berries, many native hedging species will now have their beautiful display of berries right through till winter.

In autumn we can still have colourful displays, whether this be plants still blooming through October or the ones that come alive for the colder months. We’ve picked some of our favourite plants that will provide some autumnal colour for any type of garden.

Our Top 8 Autumn Coloured Garden Plants

1. Firethorn ‘Orange Glow’

Firethorn ‘Orange Glow’ also known as Pyracantha orange berries is a wonderful autumn addition, a beautiful evergreen shrub with it’s delicate white flowers through spring and vibrant orange berries that appear all through the autumn.

2. Dogwood

Dogwoods are mostly grown for their coloured stems and provide a bright flash of colour in autumn and winter. However, they also have pretty white flowers in flattened clusters in the spring over large leaved deep-green foliage which also has good autumnal colour.

3. Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’

Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ is a highly colourful deciduous shrub featuring profusions of hazy pink flower plumes in summer which hover over the deep purple-red foliage and from where the common name ‘Smoke Bush’ originates. In autumn the purple leaves become vivid red before falling. Fantastic specimen shrub with vibrant colour and long seasonal interest.

4. Coprosma ‘Ignite’

Coprosma ‘Ignite’ commonly known as Mirror Bush, this vibrant and colourful shrub will brighten any bed, border or patio. Featuring glossy, ruby red leaves in summer with green new tips, it darkens to a reddish-purple hue in winter.

5. Phormium ‘Rainbow Queen’

Also known as New Zealand Flax ‘Maori Queen’, this colourful shrub has bronzed-green leaves with a bright pink margin that makes it a bold, architectural statement in the garden. Ideal for planters, containers or borders.

6. Mexican Orange Blossom

Mexican Orange Blossom hedge is also commonly known as Choisya ternata. It’s a stunning, evergreen hedge plant with white star-shaped flowers that will complement your landscape and other garden shrubs. These incredibly fragranced flowers appear in autumn and will stay till late winter.

7. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a beautiful native hedging species that offers year round interest, white to pink flowers throughout spring and dark red berries through autumn, making it one of the most popular hedging species with wildlife.

8. Purple Beech

Easily recognisable by its purple and green tones in the spring and summer, Purple Beech hedging – also known as Copper Beech – turns a striking copper and burgundy hue in the colder months. Although it is a deciduous hedge, Purple Beech hedging will retain some of its beautiful autumnal foliage during the winter.