November Gardening Advice

Now the clocks have gone back and night time is upon us sooner than we would like, the temperature is gradually dropping and we are seeing some frosty mornings… it can only mean one thing, it’s definitely November! Let’s get started with this month’s gardening tasks.

It’s officially bare root season, hurrah! If you have pre-ordered bare roots from us you can be expecting them soon. Remember they need to be planted straight away before they dry out, but if you do need to wait a couple of days before planting, make sure you keep them in a cold environment, like a shed for example and keep them watered. Don’t forget you can still order pot-grown trees and shrubs for planting in the winter which will make more of an impact than bare root hedging. 

Protect newly planted trees, hedges and shrubs from wind and cold. A temporary netting windbreak is sufficient where there is no natural shelter. Straw, bracken, or something similar can be used to pack around deciduous plants and protect them from frost. A wooden frame with clear polythene stretched over it can do a similar job without blocking light from evergreens, but don’t let the polythene touch the foliage, as condensation at these points could freeze, or cause rots. taken from RHS

This is also a good time to transplant trees and shrubs growing in unsuitable positions. However, if they are more than a couple of years old, you are unlikely to be able to remove an intact enough rootball to ensure the plant’s survival in its new position, and you may be best advised to leave well alone.taken from RHS

Pruning and renovation of many deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges can be carried out from now throughout the dormant season. Evergreens are best left until the spring.  

Check tree stakes and ties are secure and will withstand the winter weather; ensure that ties are not strangling trunks or branches – they may need loosening. Place fallen leaves on the compost heap or into separate pens for rotting down into leafmould. Shredding them first with a shredder or mower will help them break down quicker.

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