October Gardening Advice

As we wave goodbye to the summer sun, we welcome that autumnal glow to our garden. It’s a beautiful time of year, the nights are becoming darker sooner and crisp, brown leaves are covering our pavements. The temperature is now cooler so we are going for that extra layer when we get dressed in the morning. So what’s to be done in the garden this month?

October is an ideal time for moving and planting trees, shrubs and climbers, as well as for hedge planting.

Make time to give evergreen hedges a final trim before the bad weather sets in, so they look neat and tidy for the winter.

Bare-root deciduous trees and shrubs, as well as root-balled evergreens, become available towards the end of the month, so you could think ahead and prepare the ground for them now. They are cheaper than containerised plants, and are the perfect choice whenever large numbers are needed – perhaps for a new hedge, woodland or a rose bed.

Last chance to trim deciduous hedges to keep them looking tidy over the winter. Climbing roses should be pruned now if not done last month. Shrubs normally pruned hard in the spring such as Buddleja davidii, Cornus alba, and Lavatera, can be cut back by half now, to prevent wind rock and to neaten their appearance.
taken from RHS.co.uk

If the weather is dry, keep watering early-flowering shrubs such as camellias, rhododendrons and azaleas, so that flower buds are initiated successfully for blooms next spring. 

Use recycled or stored rainwater wherever possible. Check tree ties and stakes before winter gales cause damage. Place healthy fallen leaves on the compost heap or into separate pens for rotting down into leafmould. Shredding leaves first with a shredder or mower will help them break down quicker.

Cut back perennial plants that have died down or alternatively leave the dead foliage in place for over-wintering wildlife.

Check any plants which you are bringing inside for pestssuch as aphids.

And don’t forget… grab yourself a pumpkin and get carving! 

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  1. Thanks for reminding me about watering rhododendrons, Mine suffered badly in this year’s drought.
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