September Gardening Advice 2021

Now is the time to start thinking about moving any trees or shrubs you’ve been waiting to do all Summer, providing the weather has turned Autumnal. Doing so early gives your plants all Winter to settle in meaning they will have the best start and you’ll thank your efforts come next Spring. 

Prune evergreen shrubs one final time to get them in tip top shape for the Winter months. Late flowering shrubs such as Mexican Orange Blossom can be pruned also. 

Keep your Camellias and Rhododendrons well watered at this time of year to ensure that next year’s buds develop well.

Box, Euonymus and Privet hedges should have put on a good few inches of growth and will need a second cut before going dormant. Use a hedge trimmer or shears to snip the excess growth back to the original hedge-line.

Evergreens commonly used for topiary, such as Box, Privet, Yew, Thuja or Euonymus need to be clipped in early June to prevent losing their shape. All new growth should be completely removed. Using shears or, for finer work, secateurs to clip all of the excess new growth right back to the original topiary line.

Now is a good time to carry out essential lawn maintenance to avoid waterlogging and compaction. Try aerating your lawn with a garden fork, removing thatch from the surface with a rake and repairing dead patches. Use a specialist lawn scarifier if you have a large area to cover.

Now is the time to improve on your soil in preperation for the upcoming bare root and root ball planting season, use products such as Topsoil, Rootgrow and well-rotted organic matter, find out more on improving your soil here.

September means we can finally start to think about bare roots and root balls, yay! The weather needs to go a lot cooler before any plants can be lifted but we are currently taking pre-orders and we strongly advise you to order in advance and beat the rush! We will do some more blog posts on planting advice for both bare root and root balls so keep your eyes out to get the best advice! Why not sign up to our email newsletter? They feature all of our latest blog posts along with other advice and the best offers! Sign up here 

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