Wind Damaged Fencing

With the current stormy weather surrounding, many of us have experienced some severe damage to fencing around our houses.

This damage has raised worry around the safety of our houses as well as costing a great deal to replace. Whilst fencing does offer ‘instant’ benefit to your home, there are also many risks to its effectiveness. Replacing the fencing around your home with a sturdy, reliable hedge will be cost effective in the long run a eliminate many of the risks that come with fencing.

Hedging Benefits

1. Wind Protection

Hedging acts as a windbreak by filtering the wind coming towards it which protects whatever is on the other side. Farmers have planted hedging for centuries for this very reason. The wind is broken and dispursed, easing the effects of the wind and also avoiding a build up of strong winds on the windward side that can otherwise create turbulence. Whether you are interested in a formal hedge or informal hedge, the effectiveness wind barrier makes hedging a clear choice for protecting your home. 

2. Intruder Prevention

We have a great variety of intruder proof hedging with prickly thorns that act as a barrier between intruders and your home. Where a fence could be climbed or broken, these intruder barrier hedges are reliable and long lasting with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. 

Prickly hedging:

3. Cost-effective

Hedging is a cost-effective wind protector as you can purchase the plants for low cost at a smaller size and within just a couple years they will have grown into a substantial hedge. With the right care this hedge will then last for many many years. No time and money wasted repainting your fencing or paying for it to be fixed or replaced when the weather gets too aggressive for it. Hedging is reliable and long lasting, qualities that scream cost-effective. If you opt for a fast growing hedge, your wind breaker will be protecting your home in no time! 

Fast growing hedging:

4. Pollution Protection

A significant benefit of hedging over fencing is that hedging absorbs pollution. Whether you live by a main road or an industrial area, hedging can absorb air pollution surrounding your house as well as noise pollution that may be interrupting the peaceful nature of your home. Hedging absorbs the carbon dioxide around your home and releases oxygen creating a healthier living environment. With the rising co2 emissions surrounding us, now is most certainly the time to switch your fences to environmentally beneficial hedging.

Pollution tolerant hedging:

5. Long-lasting

I think it may come as a surprise to many that some of the privet hedging you see around your local area was planted in the post war building boom. Some yew hedging will be around a hundred years old! Whilst it may seem like a bigger financial investment than a fence now, in the long run, the hedging you plant will probably be your wind protection for life. Give a little care to your young hedging plants whilst they grow and they will give a lot of care back as a full and strong protective barrier. 

Long-lasting hedging:

6. Added attraction

Hedging is not only far more useful than a fence, but it is also far more aesthetically pleasing. The added colour surrounding your home can brighten the mood of the area. Attractive hedging around your home can also add to your house value. Whether you are envisioning a grand evergreen or an interesting burst of different coloured leaves. The attraction your hedge presents is a great added benefit to the already incredibly beneficial hedge.

Colourful hedging:

7. Wildlife Interest

The berries and flowers on certain hedging can be a primary food source for birds and bees, especially through the colder months for birds. Hedging can also act as a wildlife corridor in urban areas, helping wildlife to move around the area safely. It is so important that we are helping the survival of wildlife around our homes as much as possible for future generations to enjoy. Learning about the birds that pop into your gardens is also a fun family activity for all to enjoy.  

Wildlife hedging:

8. Flexible

Whilst fencing offers an instant barrier, there is no flexibility to change or adapt your fence, except maybe a paint layer. Hedging on the other hand offers endless options of adaptation. You can choose various heights and shapes for your hedging, whether you want a formal or informal look, or a few different species incorporated within the hedge. If the end goal of hedging is more effective than a fence and offers so much flexibility with it, why not get creative and allow your hedge to become a beautiful, inviting attraction surrounding your home. There are endless ideas that can add colour and texture whilst still providing protection and security to your home. Put your neighbours fence to shame…

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  1. Hi, yes I’ve had 44meter of fencing blown down, all 6 x 4 timbre posts have snapped. I’m looking at replacing it with prickly hedging. Can I have an idea of cost please.

  2. Hi Roy! If you give us a call on 01257 788 248 we can give you some options and their prices 😊

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