February Gardening Advice 2022

This month you can cut back your ornamental grasses, cut them close to the ground allowing for new growth in the spring. Moss will start growing on lawns before the grass, so now is the time to start killing it with ferrous sulphate.

Put up bird nesting boxes this month – it’s the last chance before tits start looking for a suitable residence. You can also trim deciduous hedging before your birds start nesting. Keep feeding the birds! The weather is still cold this month so hang fat balls and keep bird feeders topped up.

Continue to plant hedging plants, shrubs, trees and climbers. Stakes and rabbit guards should be put in place at the time of planting trees, to prevent damage to the root ball or bark.

Root ball and bare root hedging is still available this month and it is a perfect time to plant these!

  • Move established deciduous trees and shrubs provided the ground is not frozen or waterlogged.
  • Tie up splayed out branches on conifers that have become damaged by the weight of snow or by strong winds. Check tree ties and stakes. Replace, tighten or slacken them where necessary.
  • Firm back newly planted trees and shrubs if they have been lifted by frost heave or by strong winds.
  • Remove weeds from around the bases of young trees.
  • Check protective coverings on newly planted or borderline hardy trees, shrubs and climbers, to ensure they remain secure until the risk of frost has passed.

taken from RHS

Ornamental Grasses

Looking to add texture to your garden? Ornamental grasses are perfect for adding texture, movement, colour and even height to a garden planting scheme. They can be used to complement other plants by softening lines and adding a contrasting look that enhances the overall garden…

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  1. Like the gardening tips and products look inspiring too- just what we need as we look to a brighter future post Covid. Thank you.

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