Summer Ideas For The Garden

One of the best things about summer is being able to spend more time out in the garden. Whether you’ve got a large stately home or small urban oasis, being in the garden is great for your physical and mental health. Gardens are a place to stop and think, reflect, enjoy with friends, enjoy with families or even just on your own. So here are some of our top tips to help you create that perfect summer garden…

1. Plant Shrubs & Grasses

Adding shrubs and grasses can be a cost effective way to add colour, texture and some fun into your gardens this summer. With our wide range of garden shrubs and grasses to choose from, there’s something for every type of garden style…


English Countryside


2. Paint Furniture In Bright Colours

There’s no need to splash out on some new garden furniture if what you already have is doing the job. Simply spend a couple of quid on a tin of bright paint and get them paint brushes on the go. It can really turn the old and drab into the new and fun!

3. Create A Water Feature

Having a water feature in your garden brings with it a host of benefits. Wildlife will love you and for the summer evenings, a sense of calm and tranquillity will be in the air. You don’t have to break the bank either, a small bird bath will do the trick or if you are really creative, try planting an old container and create a mini pool.

4. Add Lighting

Lighting means that you can still enjoy your garden even after the sun has gone in for the day. Simple solar powered fairy and string bulb lights are a cheap and effective way to add twinkles to your garden or if you have a path, light this up with solar powered stick lamps. Candlelit lanterns are also great for lighting up your garden and these can be used in your home too!

If you have any summer garden ideas of your own or would like your garden featured in our customer gallery, please email