Design Your Garden With Instant Hedging

Instant hedging is a quick and easy way to provide privacy and security to your garden. Our trough grown hedging is the ultimate impressive hedging unit for instant impact in your garden when you need (or want) a hedge perimeter or border solution in place, without having to wait for it to grow. These beautiful mature and ready-clipped units are expertly grown and nurtured over a number of years to produce these stunning specimens.

Each hedging unit is grown in a trough of either 50cm or 1m in length and is easily transferred from the trough or bag straight into the ground. The hedging units quickly knit together, blending seamlessly in a very short period of time, giving the impression that the hedge has been in situ for years.

Why Choose Instant Hedging?

Create Privacy & Block Out Unwanted Views

When entertaining guests in the garden, the last thing you want is an unsightly view. Instant hedging can be planted straight away to ensure something out of your control doesn’t overshadow the hard work you’ve spent on your garden. You can impress your guests with your flowerbeds and garden features without the worry of a tired brick wall or alleyway dampening the view. Taller hedges such as our Western Red Cedar and Yew are both great choices.

Wildlife Interest

Hedging provides a wonderful habitat for wildlife. It creates a home for birds and hedgehogs to nestle in, provides a source of food in the winter and a source of pollen on flowering hedges for bees.

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Creating Spaces

Instant hedging doesn’t have to be all about providing privacy or security; it can also be used to separate off different parts of your garden. If you have a bigger garden and more space to play with, there are creative ways to separate a patio area or decking with hedging. Shape a special place for entertaining guests or hosting garden events by lining a perimeter around your seating area with our Hawthorn or Photinia Red Robin . These offer a nice distinction between lawn, flowerbeds and patio.

If you want to create a more formal look, try our Box instant troughs.

How Is Instant Hedging Delivered?

All of our instant hedging is delivered, on pallets, in the troughs or bags they were grown in. The troughs are made from either firm plastic or heavy duty hessian, both of which have handles at either end for easy manoeuvring. We use these materials to ensure your instant hedging units are as light as possible. All of our instant hedge units can be handled by two fit people.

How Do I Plant Instant Hedging?

Planting instant hedging couldn’t be easier. There’s no need to worry about calculating how many plants you need per metre as they have already been spaced out for you. Simply buy one 1m unit for every metre of hedge you require. Instant hedges will require two people to lift. Follow our planting instructions below, using one trough for every one metre of planting site:

  1. Start by digging a trench roughly as deep as the instant hedging trough or bag, leaving enough additional space to dig in some well-rotted organic matter.
  2. Next, sprinkle Rootgrow in the bottom of the trench, following the recommended quantities found on the packet.
  3. Remove the hedging unit (you’ll need two people for this), and place it in the trench.
  4. Backfill and firm the hedging unit down into the trench.
  5. Water your new hedge well and then sit back and enjoy the instant impact it adds to your garden.

To achieve the same effect using hedging plants with a different root type, such as bare roots or pot grown plants, would take between 2-5 years of growth and maintenance. This means that although instant hedging has a slightly higher cost, it’s relative to the time, skill and resources that have been put into creating a ready-made, finished hedging unit that provides instant results in your garden.