Hedging Plants For Shade

It’s quite obvious that with summers like ours; unpredictable and grey skies more often than blue, it’s not always easy to find a sunny spot in your garden for your hedging. Although we can’t control the weather, what we can do is offer you some shade loving shrubs…


Cherry Laurel hedging (Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia)

Cherry Laurel is not only one of our most popular hedging plants, but it’s also one of our top plants for shade. It’s an evergreen hedge with large, polished leaves that offer a solid screen in terms of privacy and also a brilliant wildlife cover. The Cherry Laurel copes equally as well in shade as it does in the sun making it ideal for semi-shaded areas as you don’t have to worry about positioning affecting growth.

Leylandii hedging (Cupressocyparis Leylandii)

This is our fastest growing, hedging for shade and gains popularity from its evergreen, perfumed foliage. Leylandii are a very tolerant species of hedging, thriving in various conditions including, windy coastal areas; chalky soils and of course, in partly shaded areas. Like many of our other plants for shade, Leylandii provide an excellent shelter for both gardening purposes and for wildlife due to its known durability.

Photinia Topiary trees (Red Robin)

The Photinia is a slow growing, stunning topiary plant that offers a medley of alluring reds and greens amongst its foliage throughout the seasons. This plant is easy to grow, particularly in semi-shaded areas, and easy to maintain year round. Photinia topiary trees are a great way to add a feature, shade loving plant to your garden.

Dogwood hedging – Orange (Cornus Sanguinea)

This popular hedging plant boasts long, burnt orange stems, which offer pretty white flowers in Spring. Dogwood sells well as one of our shrubs for shade due to its ability to succeed in areas of the garden that only gain a small amount of sunlight. Dogwood is a popular plant as it’s a good way to provide your garden with an unusual new look.


Oleaster Limelight hedging (Elaeagnus x Ebbingei)

Oleaster Limelight is one of our most interesting shrubs for shade with its year round foliage that produces milky-white, fragrant flowers in Autumn/Winter rather than spring. It develops well in the shade and is also known for being a great hedge plant for coastal sites with dry soil.

Viburnum Tinus hedging (Eve Price)

This is the perfect shade loving shrub to cultivate throughout the summer months in order to be rewarded with a mass of wonderful winter flowers. This attractive evergreen plant is happiest in the shade and often visited by a variety of foraging birds due to its supply of midnight coloured berries.

Berberis Stenophylla

This well-liked, brightly coloured shrub grows best in shaded conditions and provides the perfect shelter for wildlife due to the density of the foliage and the availability of berries. Golden Barberry is a fairly fast growing hedge that can be grown either alone or just as well alongside other varieties of Barberry hedging.

Cotoneaster Horizontalis

The Cotoneaster Horizontalis is one of our more unusual shade loving shrubs and its structure of interlocking branches and stems makes it an ideal plant to cover walls and fences. Wall Cotoneasters prosper slightly better in full sun but work nearly as well in full shade. The Cotoneaster has a lot to offer with rich, red leaves and berries in autumn followed by pretty, pale flowers in spring.

Skimmia Rubella hedging (Skimmia Japonica Rubella)

This evergreen shrub is perfect for the shadier side of your garden used as low hedging, as part of a garden border or even in a container. The leaves possess a soft red colour throughout the year and small, pink flowers appear at the start of spring.

This is only a small selection of our full range of shade loving plants available on our website.

The size, position and sun exposure of your garden don’t matter, we can find something to fill your space and make all your neighbours jealous. And if you don’t want your neighbours peeping over the fence, well we’ve got hedges to cover that too!