The Environmental Merits of Privet Hedging

Privet is a gorgeous example of an semi-evergreen hedge and a hugely popular one too! Privet was widely planted in the post war house building boom because it did so well in heavily polluted areas.

All plants absorb pollution turning CO2 into oxygen, but not all plants actually thrive in a polluted environment – Privet being one of the few that does just as well when surrounded by car exhaust fumes as it does in clean air.

In the Summer, this evergreen hedge produces masses of delicate white flowers which will support the butterflies and bees with nectar. The birds will enjoy the berries in autumn and the all year round shelter!

Green Privet

What more can we say? This evergreen classic is a fantastic choice for a formal hedge!

Wild Privet

Looking for a native plant? Look no further!  

Golden Privet

This variegated plant is lovely option if you are looking for a little more colour, but with all the fantastic properties of Privet!

If you would like some more information about Privet, or any other of our hedging species please do get in touch!