Why Is Cherry Laurel Fantastic?

Well, It produces modest white flowers in spring and red berries in Autumn, although the flowers are bee friendly, it is most often chosen for its vibrant foliage. Cherry Laurel cell grown and pot grown plants are available all year round. Cherry Laurel growth rate is relatively fast at approx 30/60cm which makes it a very economical way to achieve a good height of evergreen hedge. It should be trimmed to shape in Spring or Autumn.

  • Planting Conditions: Suitable for normal to clay soils, full sun to full shade and inland sites
  • Growth Rate: Fast growing, expect 30-60cm per year
  • Height: Easily maintained at 1-5m

There are 5 key reasons why Cherry Laurel, sometimes called Common Laurel, or to use its tongue twisting Latin name Prunus lauroceraus Rotundifolia, is the UK’s top selling hedging plant.


It’s an evergreen and exceptionally good at keeping its leaves all year round (all evergreens shed some leaves in winter) so it is the perfect feature for both urban and large gardens.

2. Colourful Foliage

It has glossy bright green leaves which reflect sunlight beautifully so it lightens a dark corner and sparkles when covered in rain drops. It produces white flowers in the spring and in the autumn you are treated to red berries but please note the cherry-type berries are harmful if eaten by humans and animals.

3. Fast Growing

It’s fairly fast growing so it achieves a good height quickly – but then settles down and is fairly easy to maintain. Should you need to hard-prune your Cherry/Common Laurel, then March is the time to do this. Established plants that have become woody can even be taken down to ground level and will come back looking refreshed.

General hedge trimming should be done twice a year, once in early June and again in late September. It is important to prune at the right time, so as not to remove new growing shoots. You can of course leave Cherry Laurel without pruning – which many people choose to do – as the thick, lush leaves can look tatty if too regularly trimmed.

4. Cost

It’s produced in huge quantities by UK nurseries so it’s not expensive. Starting from £2.99!

5. Availability

It’s available in all the 4 main root forms…

Pot Grown & Cell Grown (available year round)

Root Ball (seasonal)

Bare Root (seasonal)


100/120 1m Trough

This variety is just one of the wide range of laurel hedging plants available – there’s also…

Take your pick!