A Challenging Season For Plant Growth

We’re an honest bunch here at Hedges Direct and we want to be able to supply the best quality of hedging we can, so we would like to discuss and make our customers aware of the impact the current growing season we have just had and how it has affected our plants in terms of availability and height.

We don’t have to point out too much that the Summer of 2018 has been one of the hottest on record. This meant that we were out enjoying the heat and the sunshine, multiple BBQ’s were being hosted and lots of beer being drank and that’s not even including the weeks the World Cup was on! But if we rewind it a little to just before the heat kicked in, around Spring time, we had dramatically cold temperatures that kick started a very tricky growing season for us and others in the industry.

This year we had a very cold, long, wet Spring which not only left us miserable after such a harsh Winter, it also had a drastic affect on the horticulture industry. Because of the prolonged Winter conditions, vital groundwork was not able to be done in time for the Spring season. Sewing was two weeks late, which isn’t the end of the world but then because of this delay and then the 3 inches of rain over a 3 day period at the end of May, then followed by the extreme heat, it all had a knock on effect which means plants have really suffered this year. The plants that were transplanted did not have a strong enough root system due to the extreme weather conditions and so resulting in smaller plants having to be pulled for sale.

After the crazy weather conditions earlier in the year, we all welcomed the long hot summer, but with this came the dreaded… drought! Which had the most drastic effect on plants and gardens across the country. Alongside this, the market for plants overall is increasing and even more so in the past year, the demand has been higher than ever in a time where supply is struggling. Due to the weather conditions, there are smaller and fewer plants available. Factors such as increased plant failure (due to the drought),  landscaping jobs on the rise, housing associations developing and government planting schemes, this has all contributed to the increased demand. The demand for plants and the the challenging growing condition has been the same across Europe as they have also experienced plant availability issues.

Here at Hedges Direct we are committed to continue to offer fantastic quality plants at competitive prices. We have grown our plants to be the same fantastic quality that our customers have come to expect but unfortunately nature is fully in control of the height that they achieve in the growing season. With the impact of the weather we have seen this year it does mean that certain species have reached a slightly shorter height than previous years but don’t worry as they are all superb quality and ready to establish themselves very quickly in their new homes.

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