Create A Pet Friendly Garden

Our pets love the garden, and we love our pets! We have pulled together this handy guide to keeping your pets safe and happy in the garden.

Garden Design

When designing your garden, remember to keep in mind that you want your pets to feel as comfortable in the space as you do. We recommend creating lots of soft spaces for your pets to wander and sit.


  • Shelter for those rare hot and sunny day and also on windy and rainy days when your dog still wants to get some fresh air
  • A free digging spot for dogs to freely dig without destroying your lovely plants
  • Add a water piece to encourage your pet to drink when outside
  • Add in paths to encourage exploring and create a more interesting garden space


  • Surfaces that get too hot or slippy under foot
  • Scratchy or thorny bushes
  • Sharp rocks
  • Small pebbles that can get stuck in their paws

Harmful Hedging

For the most part, your pets will be very safe in your garden with any hedging, shrubs and trees you choose to plant. If you are concerned about a hedge, as a general rule we recommend avoiding anything especially spiky. There are also some species that could be poisonous to pets, but only if high quantities are congested. We have listed the species to be aware of below:

Avoid Chemicals

When caring for your hedging, be careful when using pesticides and other garden chemicals as these can cause more harm than any hedging plant. We recommend using organic garden supplements such as Westland’s Rootgrow.

Toilet Zone

To keep your lawn looking fresh and healthy, create a zone away from your lawn – preferably on some mulch or soft bark – and train your dogs to do their business here.

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