RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

This month Hedges Direct were proud to support Bowles and Wyer’s Max Harriman in his quest to become the RHS Young Garden Designer of the Year. Max contacted us with a view to finding the ideal green screen to border the garden and provide privacy and an ideal backdrop to his design ‘Calm in Chaos’. The garden was designed as a green oasis in an urban setting to escape from the stresses of urban life.

Featuring a meandering path with different textures and a beautiful curved wooden bench in front a small reflecting pool, along with planting reminiscent of a forest floor and being far removed from an urban environment, the garden is designed to encourage users to maximise their time spent enjoying it and so gain the most respite. Wooden posts angled backwards provide an enclosed space without feeling restricted. Hedges Direct provided stunning Hornbeam Instant hedging (1m troughs at 150-175cm high) to reflect the planting ethos and to create the green screen that provided the finishing touches to the garden allowing it to feel private and separate from its surroundings, as intended.

The garden was awarded a Silver-Gilt medal by the RHS, and as part of the NHS 70th birthday celebrations it will be relocated to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, to provide a restorative haven for patients, friends and families to enjoy.

About The Garden

This is a space to escape the stresses of urban living and be transported from the town or city environment. Through different design elements, it encourages the visitor to slow down and spend more time reaping the restorative benefits of being in a garden.

A meandering path allows a longer walk in a relatively small space, and the series of timber posts partially obscures the view, creating different viewpoints throughout the garden. A restrained material palette creates simplicity.

The planting is fresh and green, with a rich tapestry of textures, shapes and leaf forms. White and cream flowers create a feeling of calm and brighten up shadier spots.

taken from the RHS

Hornbeam makes the perfect hedge for keeping out noise and wind, ideal for heights of up to 5 metres, as well as providing a fantastic privacy screen. Not only a good option if you are looking for privacy, Hornbeam excells in poorer conditions so if you planting with limitations such as shade, clay/wet soils or windy sites then Carpinus betulus may be the right hedge for you.

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If you would like to see more of the stunning ‘Calm in Chaos’ garden and perhaps re-create some of the features in your own garden, please watch out ‘get the look’ video below!