RHS Hampton Court Flower Show

Hedges Direct are proud to have supported Jackie & Lucy in creating the ‘Secured by Design’ garden that was displayed at the RHS Hampton Court Flower show this July. Sponsored by the Metropolitan Police, the garden was designed to showcase how you can make your gardens safe and secure whilst still attractive and eye catching.

About the garden

This contemporary garden has been designed by Capel Manor design students to a brief set by the Metropolitan Police. The aim was to create an enjoyable, sustainable and safe garden with well-protected boundaries.

The space has a calming atmosphere with soft, relaxed planting including beautiful perennials and grasses, hard landscaping in cool grey tones and a reflection pool. Trees are columnar to stop intruders from climbing them or hiding behind them, and the bars of the pergola rotate, preventing climbing. The shed has a green roof, and green screens provide a sustainable secure boundary, as well as having air-cleansing properties to reduce pollution. Prickly plants and gravel close to the house act as a further deterrent.

The dawn till dusk low-voltage lights ensure visibility in the garden at night, and stone-effect solar lights provide additional lighting and sculptural interest. The garden makes use of recycled wood in the construction of many of the features, furniture and raised beds. The plants will be replanted in a community project in London after the show.

Taken from RHS.

Hedges Direct supplied the Ivy Screens used in the garden. Ivy screens are a great alternative to fences and bushy hedges. They are an immediate, cost effective perimeter solution. They also have many uses:

  • Family Gardens: Instant security – wall screens keep children and pets in and intruders out. Instant privacy – create a secluded area within your garden by planting Hedera screens around your seating area.
  • Space saving – small gardens needn’t be overlooked by neighbours, our Ivy fence panels only reach 20cm in depth so can be planted in even the smallest of gardens and still won’t limit your outdoor space.
  • Businesses and Public areas: Instant security – with a ten year guarantee on the steel frame, you can secure your perimeter and maintain peace of mind whilst helping to reduce pollution.
  • Prevent anti-social behaviour – you no longer need to erect an ugly security fence to keep your business protected. Ivy screens can be planted instead of fencing or against walls to prevent graffiti.
  • Urban gardens – Hedera screens are popularly used in cities to create roof gardens and green areas.
  • Less hassle – save on the paperwork! Unlike walls, you do not need planning permission to erect Ivy fence panels of up to 2.2m high.Ivy screens can be used for a multitude of purposes, all of which help to reduce pollution and increase wildlife habitats. Hedera screens acts as a wind break, privacy screen, living wall and security perimeter but take up less space than a thick hedge.

We also supplied Red Pyracantha which is a dense, spiny evergreen shrub so ideal as an intruder deterrent but this variety is also chosen for its profuse, long lasting red berries in Autumn and we also love it for its highly scented creamy flowers in May. The network of armoured stems make it a great nesting site for small birds – with “breakfast in bed” in Winter when they feast on the ripe berries.

For more information on Pyracantha, please see our Pyracantha hedging guide.

Shop the look!

If you would like to see more of the stunning ‘Secured by Design’ garden and perhaps re-create some of the features in your own garden, please watch out ‘get the look’ video below!