Gin Additions

Your garden is filled with delicious garnishes for your gin and tonic! Take a look at a selection of our edible hedging to find new ways to spruce up your favourite drink.

There is no better way to make your gin and tonic beautiful and fragrant than with edible flowers and foliage! Take a look at our favourite 3 below.


Fill your glass with this iconic country garden fragrance! Lavender pairs beautifully with lemon to create a wonderfully fragrant gin and tonic.

Dog Rose

Dog Rose produces delicately-scented pink and white flowers in early summer. Just in time for the BBQ season, Dog Rose is a perfect to add some style to your glass.


Rosemary is a popular gin and tonic garnish that is often paired with
juniper berries. A powerful and savoury flavour that will transform your drink.

Add fruity flavour and a pop of colour to your gin and tonic with garden berries! Edible berries are also great for jellies, jams and pies!


Blackthorn  produces sloes which can be picked and enjoyed in November. Sloes are a wonderful garnish, but are also commonly used to make sloe gin due to their delicious flavour.

Sea Buckthorn

With a sweet, sharp flavour, Sea buckthorn berries will add a fresh twist to your gin and tonic.
The bright berries can be picked in autumn to add a pop of colour to your glass.


Elderberries have a sweet-tart taste that mix well with other berries as a fruity and delicious garnish. Elderflower is also a popular gin flavour! Take a look at this easy BBC Elderflower gin recipe here.

Edible hedging isn’t just a gorgeous garnish for your gin and tonic! The fruits, flowers and foliage of edible hedging are also used in many delicious recipes. Take a look at our Edible Hedging Guide for more information.

Many of our edible hedging plants are native to the UK and hold a number of benefits to our local ecosystems. They are a wonderful food supply to our birds and a fantastic shelter for wildlife too. Find out more about native hedging here.