Get A Show Room Garden On A Budget

What can I do to help my home sell?

The answer is to get in the garden! If you are looking to sell your home, you will be doing all that you can to present your home the best way you can. Planting colourful shrubs or even a hedge can add value to your property. This adds visual and wildlife interest, privacy, and also helps to deter noise and air pollution. Sprucing up the garden doesn’t need to break the bank either. We have a variety of budget products available.

What should I plant?

1. Hedging

Planting a hedge not only looks more aesthetically pleasing than a wooden fence, it also adds privacy to your garden whilst being an intruder deterrent. Hedging comes with a whole host of features that benefit wildlife and can also soak up noise and air pollution – a great solution for urban gardens!

If you have the luxury of time to wait for your garden to grow into its full potential, bare root hedging is the cheapest way to plant hedging and comes in a variety of both evergreen and deciduous plants, starting from 39p! They are however only available from November to mid-April as this is the plants dormant time, so can be lifted out of the ground and delivered to your garden. Root ball hedging is also available to buy throughout winter. Whilst root balls are a little pricier, they offer a more instant look straight from purchase as the plants are further along in their growth.

If you are prepared to spend a bit more on your hedging, instant troughs and pot grown plants offer instant impact straight from purchase. These plants are available all year round. The smaller pot grown plants are great value for money if you are happy to give them time to grow into fuller plants. We recommend that you plan ahead with your garden transformations as it will definitely be cost beneficial. 

Hedging Styles

Formal vs Informal Hedges

When deciding what hedging plant you want in your garden, it is important to understand which plants work with which style. Both formal and informal hedging offer a garden boundary that acts as a protective screen from noise, wind, air pollution, and nosy neighbours. The key difference between the two styles is how tightly the hedging is clipped. Another factor to consider when choosing your hedge is how much time you will have for maintenance.

Formal hedging

Formal hedging is tightly clipped, displaying a neat and more structured look. Smaller leaved plants are more ideal for creating this formal look.

Informal hedging

Informal hedging is more relaxed with a looser shape to create a more natural look. Larger leaved plants tend to display this look well as they already have a relaxed appearance.

Whilst there are some hedging plants that create formal and informal hedging more naturally, these different styles can be created from any plant dependant on how the hedge is maintained. Most hedging is left to somewhere in the middle; a neat and dense look with a natural loose shape that isn’t too shaggy.

2. Garden Shrubs

If you’re looking to add colour and texture to your garden, we have a wide range of garden shrubs that will do just that. Whether you are looking for an interesting evergreen like Spotted Laurel or Photinia Red Robin to add colour in the gloomy winter months, or a fragrant Rosemary or Lavendar feature that will spice up the garden, our diverse range of shrubs will add interest and desire to your garden. 

Shrubs are particularly great at adding a focal point to the garden as they offer interesting textures and create a wonderful tapestry of colour in your garden. For optimum interest in the garden, it is important to include a variety of colours, heights and textures, so keep this in mind when choosing your shrubs. Filling a space with several individual plants will add a special touch to your garden and set it aside from others. These individual plants can easily be planted into borders, rockeries, planters and containers.

Shrub Types

There are many lovely features to garden shrubs, from beautiful fragrance to colourful foliage with stunning flowers.  Although we specialise in hedging plants, many of those plants are commonly grown as individual garden shrubs in their own right.

Our garden shrubs start from only £5.49 and they are pot grown so they are available year round. Choosing which shrub is right for your garden depends on the look you are going for. Flowering shrubs add colour and will attract bees and butterflies whilst creating an ‘English countryside’ look. If you are going for an urban, modern look then adding evergreen shrubs provide year round colour and create a fresh feel.

Fragrant shrubs such as Lavender provide you with the wonderful scent and also attract bees and butterflies. Some of our evergreen shrubs also have colourful foliage, adding a pop of colour where it is needed.

Shrub Styles

Urban Modern

English Countryside


3. Grasses

Ornamental grasses are ideal to add movement into your garden scheme through their interesting textures, colours and even height. They are often used to complement other plants by softening lines and adding a contrasting look and style that enhances the overall aesthetic of your garden – making them an interesting and worthwhile feature.

Ornamental grass plants offer diverse colours, shapes and textures to the garden. Theses versatile garden additions are traditionally used along pathways and in borders. Grasses are very popular at the moment, featuring in modern landscaping and planting schemes as both a focal point and to enhance other design or planting features.

Grasses are a great off-set for structured plants such as topiary and formal hedging as well as beautiful flowering plants. Grasses offer a softer aesthetic that creates contrasting movement and so will complement any existing garden design. The striking colours are particularly effective in adding a varying palette to the beautiful greens that are already in place.

Grasses also add a dynamic feature around or within paving and patios or finely gravelled areas and rockeries. They look particularly stunning planted around a water feature, helping it to sit naturally in its environment or even planted into containers which allows the grass to flow and move gracefully around the pot – ideal for adding architectural interest to your patio planting.

Grasses Styles

Grasses have been used by designers in recent years to add an extra dimension and flow to their planting schemes, complementing the other plants with their unusual colours and textures.

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