BBC Gardeners’ World Live 2021

Staycation Tropical Cornwall Garden

Hedges Direct are proud partners and suppliers to this year’s BBC Gardeners’ World Live Special event at the NEC in Birmingham which took place from the 26th to 29th August. We supplied a range of hedging plants to the show to decorate key areas, including the main Gardeners’ World Live Stage, Plant Experts Area and the Subscribers’ Club lounge. We supplied premium tall hedging, a selection of pot grown plants as well as a selection of our instant hedging troughs. 

Get The Look

Our team were on hand to help decorate the stages and also attended on the opening day. We’ve enjoyed visiting a number of garden shows this summer to research upcoming trends and styles and BBC Gardeners’ World Live did not disappoint. We were once again, inundated with inspiration and ideas for garden projects and makeovers. Products ranged from hedging plants, topiary, ornamental grasses and lots and lots of beautiful garden shrubs. The standout colour themes included vibrant shades of purple and  soft white hues with lots of the planting schemes clearly inspired by a “wildflower” style, making the gardens look authentic whilst imaginative. 

Products Featured At The Show

Garden Shrubs
Ornamental Grasses
Hydrangea ‘Little Lime’
Pittosporum Silver Queen
Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’
Fatsia japonica ‘Spiders Web’
Sambucus ‘Black Lace’

Hedging plants
Lonicera Nitida
Euonymus Kathy
Euonymus fortunei ‘Emerald ‘n’ Gold’

Other Products
Bay Laurel Topiary Standards
Box Topiary Balls
Pleached Trees

Hedges Direct Favourite Display

It was very difficult to pick a favourite display at this year’s show as there were so many stunning creations. We thoroughly enjoyed the undercover section of Gardeners’ World Live in the Floral Marquee where dozens of nurseries and growers showcased their best exhibits. A display that really caught our eye was the Black Country Living Museum which featured a vintage 100-year-old delivery van. The plants displayed were from such a wide range, it really did feel like being in a living museum with so much to look at. 

Ornamental Grasses

One of the most popular plant types in this year’s BBC Gardeners’ World Live were ornamental grasses. Used in many of the show gardens and exhibits, ornamental grasses are ideal for adding colour, texture, style, structure and movement to any garden space. They are perfect for small gardens that need some structure as they can be easily maintained. Equally, leave them to grow and you will have an ornamental grasses paradise in a larger garden space. Grasses can be used to create informal borders or planted amongst other hedging and garden shrubs. They are also perfect for patio and balcony planting as they can be kept in pots. Take a look at some of the amazing ornamental grasses displays at this year’s show… 

Our New Range

We are thrilled to announce our new, extended range of ornamental grasses! Although popularly planted by garden designers and professionals, you don’t need to be an expert to enjoy these plants. Browse our full range and start planting this autumn. You’ll soon transform your garden into a stylish oasis with the help of these versatile plants.