A Plant for Hope and Life

Reverend John Purdy with Rosemary plant at Woodlands Methodist Church in Glasgow

A long-time, dedicated environmental campaigner and activist, Reverend John Purdy from Bishop Auckland Methodist Church, travelled to Glasgow recently for the COP26 Climate Summit in order to join the many thousands of people who are passionate about the need for a greener, cleaner future in the face of a changing climate. Whilst in Glasgow Reverend Purdy wished to plant a plant as a symbol of ‘hope and life’ and to act as inspiration to fuel more community and environmental action.

Being ever environmentally conscious, Reverend Purdy travelled by train to Glasgow and so needed a smaller plant that was more easily transported. Hedges Direct was delighted to be approached and sent a lovely Rosemary plant for Reverend Purdy to take with him to help fulfil his wish. The Rosemary plant was subsequently planted into a community garden at Woodlands Methodist Church, where it is hoped that it will thrive and serve as some small inspiration for a brighter, greener future!

Planting the Rosemary into its new home in the community garden at Woodlands Methodist Church