August Gardening Advice

It’s August if you can believe it! The weather is a little all over the place at the moment and so it is really important to keep on top of watering your plants. If we get a dry spell after a period of wet weather, make sure to keep everything well watered to prevent against drought shock.

Hedges will need a last trim before the colder seasons set in, some conifers will be okay as they will continue to grow until October, you can go over them then. Clip deciduous hedges such as BeechHawthornBirch and Hornbeam. Use shears or a hedge trimmer to cut off all of the new growth right back to the original hedge-line. When pruning hedges such as laurels, be conscious oto take of whole leaves rather than cutting through leaves, like with an electric trimmer, as this will leave the leaves to turn brown.

Hedge cuttings can be added to your compost heap. Prune wisteria and climbing shrubs such as Pyracantha after flowering. Hebes and Lavenders can be given a light prune after flowering. Rambling roses can be pruned now, once they have finished flowering.

Continue to deadhead shrubs, such as roses, to extend flowering into early autumn. Spindly specimens that have lost leaves can be cut back a little further when deadheading, to encourage new growth. Thoroughly soak drought-stressed plants and shrubs, especially newly planted ones. Use grey, recycled or stored rain water wherever possible. – Info taken from the RHS

August means school holidays so if you are planning to stay at home this summer, make sure your gardens are well equipped for all the entertaining. If you plan to go away, make sure your gardens are looked after whilst away or plan ahead and mow the lawn, plenty of water and bird feed left out and a general tidy will make coming home that little bit easier.

Wasps are a nuisance only late in summer when their queen stops rewarding them with sugary treats so they set out to find other sources, usually picnic-based. The rest of the year they are brilliant predators of garden pests. But if they are becoming too troublesome you can try a wasp trap from – info taken from The Telegraph

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