Thank goodness for evergreen hedges

Thank goodness for evergreens! Every garden needs both deciduous and evergreen. Deciduous plants provide spectacular shows in spring and autumn but contribute little in winter other than height and structure. This is where evergreens shine as they come into their own in autumn/winter when they give us shades of green or gold and foliage to remind us that spring isn’t far away.

So why choose Evergreen hedging?

Well it pretty much says it on the tin, evergreen hedging stays evergreen all year round. Even in the dullest of months you will see the likes of Cherry Laurel, Box, Privet, Griselinia and Holly (just to name a few) still gloriously glowing green and adding wonderful colour to your gardens.

Think about putting some more evergreens into your garden, but at a budget price. We sell evergreen hedging in bare roots, the most affordable way to plant a hedge. Bare root plants are only supplied when they are completely dormant, from early/mid-November and most sizes are available until mid-late May (exact dates depend on the weather). Evergreen hedging is also available in root balls, which although a more expensive option, gives a much more instant impact. But don’t fear, you are not on a time limit to buy your evergreen hedging as we also stock pot grown hedging all year round and also instant hedging.

Environmental Benefits

As the concrete jungles are growing, the damaging effect of pollution is more prominent now than ever. More and more studies of the benefit of hedging are taking place and being made aware to the public. TV shows such as BBC’s The One Show have showcased experiments to highlight the benefit of hedging has on air pollution, see us featured on The One Show here.

Even in small urban gardens, where air pollution is having the most damaging effect, they can afford to home an evergreen hedge that will help trap in the nasty toxins released from vehicles passing by. It has been scientifically proven that hedging traps the air particles from the toxins of the fumes released by vehicles. Hedging not only traps air pollution, but also noise pollution as well by creating a sound barrier (and being a lot more attractive than a fence, cheaper too!).

For more information on the benefits of hedging and pollution, please see our featured blogs, Greening Grey Britain and Hedges & Pollution.

To see all of our evergreen hedging, please see here. If you would like to speak to one of our team for any advice on what species to choose for your garden, please ring us on 01257 263 873 or drop us an email at Alternatively, if you know what you need i.e evergreen and has berries but is also slow growing, please see our handy ‘Hedge Finder Wizard‘ tool which will narrow down your search for you.