Spring is on its way

It’s definitely nearly Spring – there are carpet’s of crocuses in one of Charlie’s favourite parks and the Hazel trees are drenched in catkins in the field near the house – here are photos taken on Sat 20th Feb and Sunday 21st Feb to prove it

Charlie in amongst the Crocuses
Hazel Catkins

And here’s Charlie in his field (well it’s owned by the Council but we call it “Charlie’s field”). The mixed native hedgerows are full of buds ready to spring into action – Blackthorn will be in flower before we know it.

Charlie showing his tail

Having said that, it snowed again this morning and in the sales office we know that people are concerned about planting in this weather but also conscious that the bare root and root ball season only lasts to end of March/early April (earlier for tall Beech). Our advice is to get an order placed so that the plants are reserved for you, take delivery so that you’re ready for planting, but don’t actually plant until the weather is milder. Many people think that bare roots have to be planted immediately which isn’t quite right – they do have to be planted quickly but they can be kept in a garage or shed as long as the roots are kept moist and will be fine like that for several days – or if you need to keep them longer before planting, then they can be heeled in (keep them tied in bundles and put them all together into one big hole and loosely backfill with soil and keep them moist) for a few weeks.

Many thanks for the questions and comments on the blog – all welcome. Charlie’s developing a fan base – not surprising given his good looks! He get’s into the sales office too – here he is below with Karen, our office manager – excuse the apparent mess – it’s actually all better organised than it looks


Karen with Charlie

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