Socially Distanced Garden Get Together

We cannot wait to show off our hard work from the planting season! So, let’s get the garden ready for a socially distanced garden gathering.

It is so important for your guests to feel comfortable and safe when visiting your garden, so here’s a few tips and advice on how to create an enjoyable greenspace experience.

Where to sit

We have found that the best way to keep a safe social space is to set everything out before your guests arrive. This could be around a central point like a table, firepit or even at each corner of the garden. Remember that guests from the same household can sit as close together as they like, so make sure to group chairs together where you can to save space.

Placing visual reminders is also a great way to remind people to keep their distance. This can also be a great garden decoration. You could use things like bunting, pots and planters or even lanterns.

The Great British weather is not always on our side! So, make sure to have a plan in place if it starts to rain.

Here are some of our favourite parasols and canopies that are large enough to cover a socially distanced group:

Shade Sail from Wayfair

Blue Cantilever Parasol from Dunelm

Rectangular Parasol from Wayfair

There are also some lovely ways to create a private and inviting space for your guests to sit…

Add some colour with Alpine Perennials! Saxifrage is looking glorious at this time of year.

Freshen up your borders with some bark chippings.

Bring some fragrance to your seating area with lavender.

Create a private spot with a living screen.


Rather than having glassware to clean and handle, make sure to stock up and drinks in individual cans and bottles. Here are some of our favourites:

Try these delicious flavoured soda waters from Dash

Sample Brew Dog‘s BBQ beer pack

Sip garden inspired cocktails from Eden Mill in your greenspace!

Give the Hun Wines Selection of wine a go

Keeping warm

It soon gets chilly as the evening draws in, so make sure to keep your guests comfortable and warm with firepits, blankets and heaters. You can always ask guests to bring a coat or a blanket, or alternatively invest in some outdoor heating:

Create a feature with this firepit from Dunelm

Keep it simple with this parasol heater from Homebase

Get cosy with this chimenea from Wayfair

Have some fun!

It has been such a long time since we have had the opportunity to see our friends and family in person, so it’s about time we had some fun! These group games are a great way to create conversation and to have a much-needed laugh!

Who am I?

Pick a celebrity, public figure or person in history for the rest of the group to guess. The group can only ask you questions that can be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The first person to guess correctly wins the game!

Most Likely To?

This game works best for close groups of friends or family members. Take turns to ask a question such as; ‘who is most likely to survive a bear attack?’, ‘who is most likely to trip over their own feet?’, ‘who is most likely to outlive us all?’ Then countdown from three and everyone must point at the person who they think would be most likely to do that. Whoever has the most fingers pointed at them is out of game, you can skip the eliminations if you would like the game to last longer.

Two Truths and a Lie

Simple! Think of two truths and one lie and the rest of the group needs to decide which statement is the lie. This is a great way to learn more about someone new, or to have fun with family and friends by picking obscure statements to try and trick one another.

We would love to see our shrubs and hedging at your garden gathering! Make sure to send any pictures of our plants to

Have a wonderful summer everyone!