New Years Resolutions

Tired of the same New Years resolution each year that you end up forgetting about by February? Well why not mix it up this year with a gardening goal that you’ll enjoy achieving!

1. Plant something new

Step out of your comfort zone and plant something new. You could add a new species to the mix and enjoy the new colour and flow that it brings to the garden.

2. Encourage wildlife into your garden

There are so many choices of wildlife friendly plants, some of which you probably already have in your garden! In this season’s frosty airs, wildlife need our help more than ever! From birds to hedgehogs, having wildlife friendly hedging – as well as bird baths and feeders – can provide food, water and warmth. Spotting these little animals in the garden is a great bonus and lovely activity for the whole family to join in on. Here’s our top birds to look out for this winter.

3. Grow your own fruit

This can be as simple or as complex as you want! Whether you are growing plums to eat fresh or apples for a hearty apple crumble, watching the fruit you eat grow in your own garden is both fun and rewarding! Growing fruit adds new colours to the garden and is a wonderful family activity.

4. Plant with the family

Sharing the garden with the family can benefit everyone. With more hands helping, bigger projects can be achieved! Teach your skills to others whilst also learning something new from a greener-fingered family member.

Sprout a love for gardening within the youngsters of the family with some interesting and unusual plants for the garden.

5. Clean out the shed

It may not be the funnest of jobs, but it’s certainly a beneficial one! Go through any old materials you don’t use anymore and make space for all those wonderful gardening tools you got for Christmas.

You could transform your shed into a space for the whole family to learn about planting and wildlife.

Party time!

What better way to celebrate the success of your New Year goals than a garden party! Celebrate the efforts you’ve put into the space throughout the year with friends and family.

Keep us updated with how your New Year resolutions are going on Facebook and Twitter, we’d love to see your garden progress!