How To Keep Your Lawn Looking Perfect

Read our top tips on how to achieve the perfect pitch in your garden

It’s now time to get the lawnmower out on a more regular basis to keep your lawn looking shipshape. Everyone has their own preference as to how short they like their grass and it is often tempting to cut it right back to reduce how often you need to mow it. However, before you do just that, it’s worth bearing the following points in mind when mowing the lawn:

1. Try Not To Cut Your Grass Too Often

We recommend once or twice a week maximum) as too much trimming can stress the leaves and make them more susceptible to disease. You lawn will already be slightly stressed from the warm, dry climate and the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so try not to add to that.

2. Cutting The Grass Too Short

Cutting the grass too short means there is less leaf area to take in the sunlight and oxygen, which means the plants cannot get the nutrients they need to grow back strongly. So think a number 3 rather than a number 1 at the barbers! No one wants to have an overgrown garden but by avoiding over-trimming you will be supporting the growth of a lush lawn. We recommend cutting back approximately 25% of growth during any one mow and setting the mower to leave around 30mm of grass after the cut

3. Sharp Blades

Mower blades must be sharp to allow for a clean cut which doesn’t overly damage the grass and then lead to infection – you can always go to a DIY store to get them to check over the blades for you.

Don’t forget…

Water is the (not so secret) ingredient to lawn success! You should regularly water your lawn if the weather is particularly warm (although we appreciate that this is not always possible due to hosepipe bans etc.) and also ensure that you keep your lawn free of debris so that is free to grow, without the risk of disease and infection from rotted leaves etc.

Just a few key points to remember and you will have a garden lawn to make the neighbours jealous!