Introducing Our New Range – Grasses and Shrubs!

We’re all about keeping on trend here at Hedges Direct so we are pleased to introduce to you our brand new grasses and shrubs range for Summer 2019.

Garden shrubs are a diverse range of plants with many lovely features from beautiful fragrance to stunning flowers and colourful foliage. Although we specialise in hedging plants, many of those plants are commonly grown as individual garden shrubs in their own right.

Our new selection features species like Phormiums that we would class as ideal garden shrubs to add that special interest or focal point to your garden. You can use several different individual plants to create an interesting tapestry of colour, texture and height in your garden and they can easily be planted into borders, rockeries, planters and containers to add that extra special touch and style to your outdoor space.

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In addition to garden shrubs we also have a selection of Grass Plants that can look stunning planted around garden shrubs. Grasses have been used prolifically by designers in recent years to add an extra dimension to their planting schemes and to complement the other plants by adding contrasting textures, colours and movement.

Ornamental grass plants are a versatile addition to the gardenscape offering diverse colours, shapes and textures. Used traditionally along pathways and in borders, grasses have seen a resurgence in popularity, featuring extensively in modern landscaping and planting schemes as both a focal point and to enhance other design or planting features.

Grasses work particularly well to off-set beautiful flowering plants and those with structure such as hedging or topiary. They create movement and a softer aesthetic to both complement and contrast with other plants and with a varying colour palette can be quite striking in their effectiveness.

As featured on this week’s BBC’S Gardeners’ World, Grasses also add a dynamic feature within a hard landscaped environment, around or within paving and patios or finely gravelled areas and rockeries. They can be used to great effect and look particularly stunning planted around a water feature, helping it to sit naturally in its environment or even planted into containers which allows the grass to flow and move gracefully around the pot – ideal for rejuvenating and adding architectural interest to your patio planting.

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Looking After Your Shrubs and Grasses -Seaweed Bio-Stimulant

Seaweed Bio-Stimulant is ideal for application as an aftercare product for your plants. This plant feed works particularly well in conjunction with Rootgrow as the liquid seaweed can speed up the mycorrhizal colonisation by up to 60%.

All you do is dilute it in a watering can and water it onto the new foliage that emerges in late spring and early summer to ensure excellent establishment and root development.