Battling the Tempest

We could have done without gale force cold winds and torrential rain during this last week. We do more deliveries in this week of November than any other week of the year. Thousands of customers have been placing pre-orders since the summer to make sure they get a November delivery date and we get all geared up with empty Parcel Force trailers so that we can load straight on to their vehicles (it costs us extra but it’s the most efficient way of despatching thousands of orders in one week) and extra pallet lorries.

A bit of mild weather and sunshine would have gone down really well with the despatch team but alas, it was not to be – and they’ve battled through foul weather to get the job done ….. well almost done, there’s still a big weekend/next week ahead of us to pack the fiddly little orders– and of course with orders coming in thick and fast at this time of year, there’s an extra workload to be coped with (that’s not us complaining – we’re delighted to being growing our revenue as well as our plants).

So, I’d like to say a big thank you to our despatch team – Graham, Rick, Tom, Josea, Stuart, Dan, Aggie, Paul and not forgetting the tremendous “leadership from the front” from Scott – well done guys!