How To Make Your Own Christmas Wreath

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Wait! Don’t hit checkout… take those wreaths out of your shopping baskets and dive into a fun festive activity. We have created this step by step wreath making guide to help spark the creativity within you this Christmas. Put your green fingers to the test with friends and family and unleash your festive spirit! Below are 5 beautiful wreath ideas to give you some inspiration for your own…

These wreaths are made from evergreen and conifer hedging for a festive yet natural look, for which you can use the classic Christmas foliage of English Holly (Ilex aquifolium) and the soft green fronded branches of Leylandii (Cupressocyparis Leylandii) for contrasting texture, creating a full and rich wreath base.

You can decorate your wreath to your chosen style creating a stunning and unique addition to your home’s festive decor, inside or out!

Check out our step by step guide to making a wreath…


Send in a photo of your creations to and we’ll pick a winner! Winner gets a FREE gardening kit.


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