It’s been a couple of weeks of big changes for us

After many weeks of detailed planning, we’ve finally automated our order processing! It doesn’t sound like much but it’ll save us a huge amount of time – and that means more time with customers. For all their hard work on the automated processes, we’d like to thank Jamie Shipley in our office who’s had a sore head on several days puzzling out the details of how to automate what we do manually, and Andy at Codepath ( who’s done the behind-the-scenes clever stuff  – and all the rest of the team in the sales office and at the nursery who have shown patience, flexibility and teamwork through this period of change.

We’d also like to say a big welcome James Tomkinson to our sales team. He’s slotted in to the team really quickly and we won’t hold his allegiance to Manchester City against him.

Paul Horsfield, our despatch manager, has moved in to the sales office from the nursery office – to benefit from the automation – and so that the nursery team don’t miss him too much, part of his work has been automated too – our orders are automatically uploaded to our carrier’s system so we don’t have to type in customer names and addresses. Paul was absolutely swamped last spring but we hope all this automation will mean that he has a less stressful time this year, whilst coping admirably with a terrific increase in orders.

We’re feeling ready for the big March rush now – our new automated system will process orders every hour even during the night so our nursery team (who start at the crack of dawn in March) will be able to pack orders before the sales office has even opened!

It’s all go!


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