April Gardening Advice 2021

April is here and it’s looking to be an exciting month! We can now welcome friends and family into our lovely outdoor spaces. So let’s make them beautiful!

Bare root season is coming to an end but not just yet, with our cold storage we are able to prolong the bare root planting period so get them in whilst you can! For more information on cold storage please see here. Our bargain bundles have made a comeback so get them before they are gone!


In cooler areas, and earlier in the month, you can still move and plant evergreen trees and shrubs provided the soil is not waterlogged. They are best moved or planted once actively growing and when there is less risk of cold weather.


In colder areas, you can also still plant container-grown deciduous hedging plants, shrubs, trees and climbers. Stakes and rabbit guards should be put in place at the time of planting to prevent damage to the rootball and bark.

Remember that watering and establishment may be problematic for large plants as the weather gets warmer and dryer, and you may be better delaying planting them until October.

Info taken from RHS

Top Jobs This April:

Fill beds, pots and hanging baskets with colour

Deadhead daffodils to encourage growth

Lay turf to create a new lawn

Fill bird feeders

General tidying ready for BBQ’s!

Please make sure to keep yourself and others safe when socialising with friends and family in your outdoor spaces. Click here for the latest UK Government guidance.

2 thoughts on “April Gardening Advice 2021

  1. I gave the lawns their first cut on Monday just gone, and already can see that it won’t be long before the next one. When should I do that, do you think?

  2. Hi Gillian, we would suggest leaving it 2-3 weeks and mowing again. However we are due to have some warmer weather in the next couple of weeks so it may grow quicker! 🙂

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