An alternative to Box hedging

This month I’d like to look at a different variety for use where Box blight has been a problem.

I really hope you’re not one of the unlucky gardeners who have been made miserable by Box blight.  Monty Don took out all his box hedging on Gardeners’ World last Friday and didn’t say what he was going to replace it with.  The obvious alternative to Box hedging is Ilex crenata or Japanese Holly – not a typical Ilex (Holly) at all but a lookalike for Buxus with small dark green leaves, an upright habit and slow growth which keeps it neat and tidy.

But now there’s another alternative to Buxus –  Euonymus Japonicus Jean Hugues which is a bit of a tongue twister and I’ve checked the spelling twice. It’s almost indistinguishable from Buxus to all but an expert and we think it’s going to become immensely popular in years to come – you read it here first. This photograph shows the Euonymus on the left and Buxus on the right or is it the other way round …. let me just double check that … yes, that’s right, Euonymus on the left and Buxus on the right – see what I mean about it being hard to tell the difference.

What's the Difference?
What’s the Difference?

I hate mentioning Box blight in a blog because I wouldn’t want people to be put off the classic Buxus sempervirens – it’s one of our top 10 sellers (literally tens of thousands of plants per annum) and we have not once ever in over 8 years had a customer report blight following supply of our plants so please don’t be overly worried if you’d like a traditional box hedge.