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Trimming tip for Box hedging

“Funnily enough it’s my birthday in June.   One of my birthday treats was a garden tour of a marvellous garden with lots of Box and Yew hedging.

The head gardener giving the tour gave some marvellous advice on how best to trim Box hedging.   Hose the hedge with plenty of water before you start and keep dipping the shears in a bucket of water every few clips – or do it in the rain!   Apparently, the wet edges heal much quicker, reducing the amount of brown edges that are so common when Box is clipped.

Box hedging plant close up image

Box hedging plant close up image

In late June, Box hedging begins to look a bit fluffy so if you can be bothered, it’s a good time to trim it and it will keep it looking tidy for most of the summer – though it will need to be done again in late September.   Or the lazy gardeners can just leave it until September – I quite like it looking fluffy!”