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Isnt the Forsythia just gorgeous!

Isn’t the Forsythia just gorgeous! It seems that every second front garden has a Forsythia in full flower giving some yellow colour at good heights to match the daffodils at low level. We have Forsythia at the ever-so-affordable price of £4.92 including delivery so for all those front gardens that are feeling left out of Forsythia fever, it’s time to buy one so that you can join in the yellow craze next spring.
Forsythia hedge plants

Forsythia hedge looking great this spring

Cell grown plants are now in season so if you’ve left buying bare roots too late, have a look at our cell grown section – they’re small but inexpensive! Below is a photo to show you what a cell grown plant root looks like – they’ve been used for decades in forestry and woodland projects but are newly arrived in the domestic market. It’s not viable for garden centres to stock them but we in the internet world can collate orders together from all over the country to generate the volume of sales needed to make these inexpensive little plants worth stocking. We do need to stress that they are small though so if you need anything over 40cm then it’ll be our own production (in Lancashire) of pot grown plants you’ll need.

Cell grown Yew plant

And my final comment today is “thank you” to all our bare root and root ball customers this season. We’ve just stopped selling these two types of plants – normally we’d stop at the end of March but the season was extended this year thanks to the very long cold winter. There’s no recession at Hedges Direct – we’ve had a fantastic season, which has more than made up for being as good as closed for the whole of the terrible weather period in January.


Spring is late-its official!

We all can see in our own gardens that Spring has not yet sprung. The daffodils are late, the flowering cherry in my mum’s garden that’s normally at its best for her birthday on 23 January is only just flowering now, and the millions of miles of Blackthorn hedging, that normally brightens our April, hasn’t yet started to flower.

As a result of the very cold and long winter (as I write this there’s snow in Scotland) bare root plants which would normally have been taken off sale (there’s too much stress on the plant for them to transplant successfully if they’re already in bud) are still sufficiently dormant so we’ve extended our bare root season and will be taking orders until Friday 9th April (which is the latest date I can ever remember).

I’m not complaining but why is it that when bare roots are available from November (and can be pre-ordered during summer and early autumn) so many people wait until mid March to place their orders? We do 3 times as many bare root orders in March than we do in the other big month which is November so the team’s pretty tired and jaded just as order volumes peak! If I’m allowed to, can I please request that customers wanting bare roots for next season place pre-orders during the summer/autumn – that way, you’ll get us when we’ve got more time – we’ll spend more time giving advice and working out quotes – so there’s a definite customer benefit as well as a benefit to us – and the plants will have a few months to rest in their new positions before putting on their spring growth which is better for them. That seems like a win/win/win.